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Credit Control Solutions provides expert protection for your business. With a vibrant cash flow, management has the focus to drive business growth and the required resources to achieve business goals.

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We are a family run business and will undertake your credit control in a friendly and personal way. Rest assured, your customer relationships are safe with us.

We have just launched our new "pay-as-you-go" credit control service - no difficult contract tie-ins, no minimum monthly charge, and no set-up fees. You just simply use us when you need us, whether it is for a week, a month or as a total replacement to your in-house credit control. We only ever charge you for the work that we do. We charge on a per live account basis, meaning if your ledger reduces in size, your credit control charges will reduce too. The more accounts that you have, the lower the charge per account is. Likewise, if you are a small company, we have very competitive rates and packages to suit your pocket too.

Our service is totally flexible and can be used in a variety of different ways: Here are a few examples: To cover staff holidays, or maternity/paternity leave, To blitz your ledger, (say at year end to improve your cash position), To send out letters on our headed paper to help speed up payment, to deal with accounts over a certain age (say 60 days), to replace your own in-house credit control completely. The uses of our service are limitless. If you are not sure whether or not we can help, just ask us..!

One thing you can be certain of; you can be safe in the knowledge that your cash flow will improve and that is guaranteed. If you don't believe us, we are more than happy to put you in touch with our many satisfied customers and they will tell you the powerful difference our services have made on their business.

We provide a wide range of services and the best place to start is to have a no-obligation conversation - let's chat!

About Us

In the financial services world we are small - we feel this is a good thing. We are small enough to care about our customers and, most importantly, your customers!

We can work with you business to solve a particular cash flow situation, assist during staff holidays or during your busy season.


Our Philosophy

We believe that business is about relationships. People can be sensitive when it comes to money and we respect every relationship.

We get your cash flowing without burning bridges. After all, your brand, reputation and relationships are your business.

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We live this stuff and have opinions and ideas about how correctly outsourced credit control can make your business more effective and better able to focus on growth strategies.

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