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Whilst Sage Line 50 continues to be the most popular accounts package for small and medium sized businesses in the UK. It is not particularly strong when it comes to credit control.

This is where Credit Hound & Spindle come in. Credit Hound & Spindle are both award winning products that help you to automate your credit control process, saving at least 80% of your time. This allows you or your credit controller to focus your attention on the debtors that need your time the most. This approach will yield significant benefits in terms of cash flow and help to minimise bad/doubtful debts.

Unlike most resellers of this software, we are not an I.T. Company that sells software as a key part of our business; we are, however, a credit management services company who appreciate the benefits of this software from a credit controllers/credit manager’s point-of-view. We understand the application and implementation of these powerful software programs.

We are currently using Credit Hound to chase some of our outsourced credit control customer’s debtors and can confirm that the timesavings and effectiveness is significant.

Don't stop there..... Why not save 100% of your credit control time? Credit Hound & Spindle used in conjunction with our outsourced credit control service can produce more cost savings and cash flow benefits. Look at it in this way; Credit Hound will take care of the credit control for most of your customers and save you more than 80% of your time into the bargain.  Why not let us pick up on the credit control for your debtors that have failed to pay you? This way you have the best of both worlds! Read our case studies/white papers!

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We incorporate a “small company approach” to all of our service offerings. We will always be small enough to care about our customers and most importantly, your customers!

We can work with you business to solve a particular cash flow//credit control situation, assist during staff holidays or during your busy season

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We believe that business is about relationships. People can be sensitive when it comes to money and we respect every relationship.

We get your cash flowing without burning bridges. After all, your brand, reputation and relationships are your business.

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We live this stuff and have opinions and ideas about how correctly outsourced credit control can make your business more effective and better able to focus on growth strategies.

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