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Free Credit Control Resources: Google

You’ve no doubt heard the saying “You can run, but you can’t hide” This saying is more true today in credit control & debt collection terms than it has ever been.

Anyone who is “anyone” has a web presence these days. This is especially true with companies and businesses. Companies & Businesses with any "nounce" will have a website at the very least. Most of them would also have jumped on the social networking bandwagon in some way shape or form. In addition to this, there are blogs, forums, discussion boards – I could go on, but I think you get the picture.

Before you do business with a prospect you should at the very least check them out on Google by searching both their company name and the name of the principle director. You will be amazed with the information you can find.

In addition to this, you should also check out all prospects using Companies House Webcheck Service – click here to be taken to an article that shows you how to use this service.

I will give you 2 recent examples that I have personally experienced that will reinforce how great Google is as a free credit control/debt collection resource.

We are currently undertaking the credit control function for the trade body for independent record labels. Their customers are obviously in the music industry and therefore have a very large web presence: YouTube, MySpace, Facebook etc. One of their debtors that has owed them money since 2007 disappeared off of the face of the earth. We slowly but surely tracked him down using Google – we found them on practically all of the Social Media networks and eventually made contact with them through a generic email address that we found on the web. The result was: we received payment from this debtor a week ago.

Please view our case studies/white papers for more detail on our approach!




Client Testimonials

We receive postive feedback and referrals every week. We always look forward to learning how our clients feel about services and have a formal referral to reward introduction of new clients. Ask us for details.

Please view our case studies/white papers for more detail on approach!

Avant Garde Ltd

In common with many small businesses, we were spending so much time on billable activities; we were devoting very little time to pulling in the money, we were already owed.

Before we were introduced to Credit Control Solutions, we used the services of a solicitor, who would send out a standard letter for a small fee. However, this was not an effective way of managing our credit control and turned out to be labour-intensive for us, especially when dealing with the small number of clients who were determined not to pay, if they could ‘get away with it’.

At the other end of the scale, we were astonished at the level of charges demanded by some companies offering full-service credit control. If their credit controllers are as pushy as their sales force, no doubt, they are quite effective but we would prefer that our most valued clients were not treated as potential fraudsters. In contrast, the services proposed by Credit Control Solutions seemed very straightforward, transparent and reasonably priced. Importantly, from our point of view, CCS proved to be business-like with our late payers but left our most valued customers in peace.

The effect of using CCS to our business was a measurable and almost immediate improvement to our cash flow; accompanied by a marked reduction in the time we were spending chasing debtors. Outsourcing our credit control to CCS has undoubtedly been a benefit to us.

Kind Regards,

Simon Croft
Managing Director
Avante Garde Publishing


We have been working with Encoded for a little over 2 years now, managing their credit control function.

I emailed Robert Crutchington with an update on how great his aged debtors profile was looking and below is the response I got from him

"Excellent stuff. Big smiles all round"

Robert Crutchington, Encoded Ltd

Castle Heslop

"Jamie O'Connell of Credit Control Solutions runs his business with a terrific eye for detail This quality makes him an outstanding asset for any business that uses his outsourced credit control function. Jamie brings a passion to his work that is rarely surpassed. I have no hesitation in recommending Jamie as a true professional."

Paul Castle
Managing Director

BN1 Publishing

"Credit Control Solutions provided great credit control services for me when I was at BN1 Publishing, and really helped to get our debtors under control."

Year first hired: 2004

Top Qualities: Personable, Good Value, High Integrity

Nigel Berman


"Credit Control Solutions under the leadership of Jamie O'Connell have reduced debtor days, been friendly, professsional and delivered exactly what they said they would"

I would recommend them to anyone with credit control issues, results are pretty much guaranteed."

Year first hired: 2008

Top Qualities: Great Results, Good Value, High Integrity

Kevyn Robyns,
Managing Director

Since Credit Control Solutions took over our credit control 3 months ago we have seen a dramatic improvement in cashflow. I can highly recommend them; they work quietly in the background but the results are there to be seen. I can now concentrate on growing my business rather than spending valuable time chasing payments.

Tony Gallagher


Seeshell Productions Ltd.

I bought a car direct from a used specialised dealer, having had many discussions with him on the phone and paid for it by debit card with the promise that if it was delivered & not to my complete satisfaction there would be a complete refund, no questions asked.

A few days later a driver delivered the car, & within minutes I realised it was nothing like the condition as described by the dealer. I was on the phone to them immediately & after a lengthy discussion, they finally agreed to refund me. This was where my nightmare began.

I spent the next month ringing them EVERY day morning & afternoon asking to speak to someone & all they ever did was take my number & promise to call me back. By the 30th day I was at the end of my tether, so I contacted CCS who took all the details of the situation, & then clearly explained the options open to me and recommended a course of action.

Unbelievably, within TWO days of that discussion, the monies were paid back directly into my account; this was after 30 days of chasing the dealer, contacting my bank, and writing them letters. I am absolutely amazed at how quickly CCS managed to get my money back, with what seemed like such little fuss.

As a director of a company, I have to deal with many suppliers, & CCS’s service has been second to none, from the very first contact, to completion of my business with them.

I cannot recommend them highly enough, & would use them again without hesitation.

Peter J. Pinto
SeeShell Productions ltd.


All is well and we are gradually implementing the majority of your recommendations.

We are also having an excellent year for receipts, I am delighted to report.

I do not think I need any further help for the moment, but we continue to be very pleased with the project you undertook for us.

Kind regards,

Ann Buxton
Chief Executive

Aphrodisia Ltd.

Ghislaine Hubbard, Aphrodisia Ltd
I recently used the services of Credit Control Solutions after a customer used a fraudulent cheque to buy goods from my shop to the value of £845.00. I had little hope of recovering the money but since CCS were prepared to pursue this on a “No Win, No Fee” basis I was more than happy to let them have a go.

I was astounded that they not only managed to recover the full amount of the debt, they also managed to recover their costs too! I believe that the debtor was on the verge of bankruptcy and therefore had little to gain from paying up.

I have no hesitation in recommending the services of Credit Control Solutions.

Ghislaine Hubbard

Chris Mullany, Southwark News

Credit Control Solutions under the management of Jamie O’Connell, act as the credit control agency for the titles of Southwark Newspaper Ltd. They have had sole control over the chasing of debts for our company since its re-launch in 2002.

The service we have received from Credit Control Solutions has been first rate, and has been most helpful in ensuring that we have a steady cash flow. I have found the company to be hardworking, accurate and sensitive to our needs.

I have no problem or hesitation in recommending the services of credit Control Solutions.

Please do not hesitate to contact me on 020 7237 1578 should you need any further information.

Chris Mullany

Managing Director
Southwark News

Natasha Wells, Ashford Accountancy Practice

Following my letter to you of 8th August 2008 regarding the above client, I can confirm that we have received all outstanding sums in full, including the debt collection fees.

Once again, I would like to thank you for your 100% success rate in collecting our bad debts.

Kind Regards,

Natasha Wells

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